Somewhat old picture. I now wear glasses and the hair's dark red brown.

Yvonne Hewett

Website Project Manager and Developer
TV Director, Script Writer, and Producer

+44 (0)7980 983 613


I was born in Canada and now live in the UK. I'm a website editor and developer and content producer. I make broadcast documentaries for the UK and overseas markets, and I've written and directed numerous corporate, training and language teaching programmes. I've worked for BBC Television in London and CBC Television in Toronto, plus British independent TV companies, and satellite channels.

As a writer, I do mainstream fiction and SF/fantasy, and edit and research non-fiction. I've also written articles, including Surviving as a Freelancer, originally for the Cyber Film School. I'm a member of the British Science Fiction Association.

Recent work:

WEB DEVELOPMENT and WEB MASTERING - consulting on website development, researching and creating content, designing and developing sites. Clients include central government departments of the UK Government.

'DEMYSTIFYING THE WEB FOR BEGINNERS' - Writing an interactive training CD Rom on using search engines, etc, for AstraZeneca.

'RESISTANCE: THE INVISIBLE ENEMY' Corporate video on countering resistance to NRTIs, a major class of drugs used to treat HIV. For Bristol-Myers Squibb (UK) and Radical Departures. Director and writer.

'THE GREY WOLVES FILE' (The Battle of Monte Cassino) Website content and a series of e-mails for teaching the history of World War 2 to secondary school students . For the Buckinghamshire Local Education Authority and Actis Ltd. Writer.

Other strings to the bow:

'FACETS' feature film script.

'REASON DOESN'T KNOW' fiction (romance)




'MR PATERSON & MR CANDY' by Mick Goss - non-fiction. The history of water purification in the UK, from the early measures to combat epidemics to the present. Editor.

'COUGAR ANNIE'S GARDEN' by Margaret Horsfield - non-fiction. The story of one of the last Canadian pioneers, Ada Annie Rae Arthur, who set up a market garden in the bush on the west coast of British Columbia. Editing and UK research.


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